Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running, Tour De Fleece, and Handspun yarn

What does running, Tour De Fleece, and handspun yarn all have in common?

My Giveaway!

We are right now in the middle of Tour De Fleece and I could not be more excited! I actually have a personal problem with my handspuns and that is I love spinning art yarns! I love spinning thick and thin, using beads, adding locks and being wild with colors, but I never knit with them.

In my knitting I like order, calm transitions, natural colors, and smooth yarn that makes an even fabric. I even restrain myself from buying art batts because I always remind myself I only wear scarves and hats my friends have made me, and I'm not sure if my very artsy grandmother can take another cowl made out of art yarn.

What I'm going to do is start giving it away to all you wonderful people that have donated to my Giant's Race fundraiser that is for Project Open Hand!

This will be the first yarn to go up as soon as I finish plying the second bobbin:

It's a 2 ply varying fingerling weight wool yarn that was plyed with polyester thread that has beads on it! I spent an afternoon in Gunilla's shop with my drum carder just making bats from her roving and this one was inspired by the sea.

I have lived in the Santa Cruz area for most of my life and it seems I can never leave here for long. The turquoise is for the sea, the tan for the sand and the white for sea foam. The glass beads came with me all the way from Texas and it reminds me of how the sun makes the ocean glitter on a perfectly clear day.

To win this and other yarns you can do one of the following things:

  • Donate at my fundraising page
  • Send an email with the link to the page and a bit about what I'm raising money for to 5 of your friends (cc me on the email at radbitdyer (at) gmail dot com)
  • Tweet a link to my page with a small blurb and then email me a link to it
  • Blog about what I'm doing and then email me a link to it
  • Post about it on Facebook with a link and tag Radioactive Rabbit

You can do all of the 5 ways and increase your chances to win! It does not matter how much you donate, the only way to increase your chances is by doing the 5 things above!

 Every Sunday I will post a picture of the yarn and the winner of it so start spreading the word now!


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  2. I just donated. Joesses@xxxxxxx.com

    Txnightowl on ravelry