Saturday, August 25, 2012

Race Update

Yesterday I took the train up to the city to walk the Giants Race course so I could get a look at any hills, weather, and a good place for my friends and family to see me.

I took the Caltrain up to the city because parking is a pain up there and it would allow me extra knitting time. When I'm doing a lot of walking I like to have a plain knit sock with my and a messenger bag that can fit everything and the yarn in it.

Travel knitting before leaving

I set off with my knitting, snacks, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on my iPod, and got off the train a few blocks from the starting point of the race:

Starting point

Walking along the pier I was really surprised at how nice it was. I even got a little sunburned on my arms and was really happy that I'm in the habit of putting sun block on my face, because otherwise I'd be red as a lobster. The only thing that sucked was the wind once I'd started walking the curve of the city that that takes you from the peninsula to the mouth of the bay. This is also where all the tourists are and it is hard to walk with a purpose through the crowds there. I did do some research and checked out prices for some stuff Anna and I want to do though.

Eventually I made it past the touristy areas and to the thing I was seeking out, Fort Mason. It is actually the hill that I wanted to take a look at because it rises over 100 ft in a little under a tenth of a mile.

This is the start. It gets steeper as it
wraps around and keeps going up 
I walked up the hill really quickly and made the decision that if I powered through it I would be fine. The other side of the hill has much less of a slope to it and as long as I control my speed running down each side (and not fall on my face) I have nothing to worry about.

Turns out that Fort Mason was the only real hill on the course and I'm really greatful we're not running Van Ness which I walked back on shortly after hitting up Greenwich Yarns (only took me 4 blocks out of my way).

I also decided that near the end of the race was where my family should see me run and we'd meet at the usual place for an after run snack:

Happy Donuts across the street from AT&T Park rocks!
The walk took me a total of 4 hours (including stop for yarn and getting lost once) and I have 3.5 hours to run the race. I learned a few other things along the way too. I need to wear my running socks when I walk that far first off. I had a blister the size of my thumb when I got home. Though wearing my ankle weights seemed like a good idea when I set off, the pain they were causing around mile 5 gave me new perspective into my pain tolerance and has set the bar higher. I also learned that even my undergarments play a role in that much physical activity.

By the end of the walk I was looking forward to getting on the train and decided to forgo lunch because I knew if I sat down that it would be hard to get up. Walking down the stairs from the second story of the train was really hard, and then the walk home was something I'd rather not think of.

I know my iPod ran out of battery, I napped on the train and this is how far the knitting got:

Sock that is made from my self striping
Tardis yarn which was the last yarn in the
Dr Who club!

Now I'm sitting in my chair with heat on my knees and ice on the weak ankle to make sure they will be alright tomorrow for work.

I know I can do it, it just will not be easy (which I kind of knew already).

PS. I'm still $90 from my minimum so any donations, even $1, are greatly appreciated! Thanks to all the knitters that have helped raise me this far already! You all rock and tomorrow there will be a giveaway!

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