Thursday, August 9, 2012

Christmas Kickstart! Phase 1 - Lists and the Small Stuff!

Did you know that there are 137 days/19.5 weeks till Christmas? Every year I make this grand scheme to get the Christmas knitting done early and just fly through the entire thing without a care. I make lists and then slowly as we get closer get ideas are abandoned for small gifts out of the same yarn, however I'm still convinced that I'll follow my plan and succeed!

I know 19.5 weeks sounds like plenty of time now but think about how many people are on your Christmas list or take a look at mine:

Grandma P
Grandma Sue
Grandma Jane
Aunt Lee
Aunt Bobby
Uncle Paul
Aunt Lynn
Cousin Seb
Pets - 6 cats & 2 dogs


At 17 people (pets count as one) that leaves me just a little over a week per person so I need to start the planning now and I recommend you do the same.

First thing you need to do is make your list. Go make it and I'll wait right here.... Got it?

Okay, second thing I like to do is split my list up in to parts for stocking stuffers:

Stocking stuffers are a great starting place for Christmas knitting. What you pick to give should be small, easy to carry, and if you have a large stash, most should come out of there.  Women this year will get handmade soap and the men will get hats. Since there are only 4 men I plan on stash diving for some worsted weight alpaca. 

Now pick some simple patterns that everyone will like! Don't choose different patterns for each person, that personalization will come with the next step. The idea is to pick a pattern that is easily memorized so it is quick!

Here is my Plain Hat Pattern and the Marsan Watchcap is a fine choice too. For the wash clothes there are many choices, but I like function so I'm just making simple garter stitch squares or you can go the extra mile with the Leafy Washcloth.

Next is the stash diving. If you have a large stash like I do then this part is easy, but if you don't then it is a good idea to start budgeting for Christmas now. 

For the men's hats I will need about 200 yards. I have a small stash of alpaca worsted weight that I got on clearance once so that is perfect for these hats! The washclothes I need about 360 yards of cotton for so I'll go grab the left overs from the baby toys I made years ago. 

Now go start making your first stocking stuffer and have it ready for tomorrow's post!

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