Friday, May 18, 2012

Home Run!

So a few days ago I dipped my toe into the crazy and decided to do the Giant Race.

It is a half marathon along the northern coast of San Francisco. You can find the route map here.

I also managed to rope my friend Toni into it (around 3am in the morning) and we will be going on our first run together tomorrow so she can see how slow I am.

I'm very excited about getting back into running and I have to keep reminding myself to stick to the training schedule. Such as today I wanted to go running but I need to save myself for tomorrow.

Toni really wants me to keep my enthusiasm up and has been telling me I should just sign up for a marathon. I might.

You see the last time I was running I was training for the Las Vegas Rock and Roll marathon, but injured myself 2 months before it. I cried and cursed at the fact that I had come so far and could not finish. I would still really like to run it. So this time I'm going to sign up after the Giants Race. If all goes well and I finish the half on September 16th I'll be signing up for the full marathon in Las Vegas.

For the next couple months Saturdays will be Runner's Day on the blog. You'll get to hear how its going and cheer me on.

Fun Fact: Between the now and the Giant Race I will run a total of 222 miles.

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