Monday, May 30, 2011

One Big Step into the Dye Pot

Over the past year I have been working on my business plan for Radioactive Rabbit.

In the beginning it was a joke that my best friend Anna and I would talk about when the nights were quiet and there was little else to talk about. Usually going something like this:

Anna: "Hey Gil, you really need to cut back on the yarn or open up your own shop."
Me: "Naw, I don't want to be stuck in retail the rest of my life."


Anna: "Oohhhhh, look at the color of that wine... can we dye some yarn that color."
Me: ::Click of photo being taken:: "Not today but someday."

One very boring day when I had all my homework done, and Anna and I were on Facebook playing games I started a spreadsheet. I started listing all the colorways we could think of and a few things we love the colors of. Then it grew. It started having things like how much yarn I could buy with x dollars, how much dye I needed, citrus acid amounts and the pros and cons of using it to soak my yarn in before I dye it or while its dying. Then a folder appeared on my computer (no idea where it came from) that started having pictures of things that inspired me and were named weird things like Woolly Mammoth and Highway 17. 

Then last night I was looking at the spreadsheet and all my notes and realized... I could do this. Granted that $10k I planned on saving before I jumped in is a year away but I realized that with some creativity on how to wind skeins, buckets from Home Depot and some of my odd ideas on how to get the colors to blend I realized that with $500 and a weekend where I make tons of mistakes I could do it. 

So I am...

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