Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lets get the votes in!

Thanks to all that have voted so far! I’ve currently ranked at 95 after only 1 day I have 40 votes! I’m aiming to have at least 100 votes by the end of the week and 400 by the end of June! So please vote and get your friends, husbands, wives, children, knitting circle and anyone you can think of to vote.

When you vote you have the option to post it to your facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites! Please do and let people know that if they comment on this blog post with the username they voted with (or multiples if they voted more then once with multiple email accounts), I will be raffling off skeins of yarn and roving to the three forums I posted to about this on Ravelry (Bay Area Knitters, Lazy Stupid & Godless and Victorian Summer Scarf), as well to those that post here!

I’ll be updating this blog daily to let you know what my rank is, how many have voted and then on July 1st announcing winners of the yarn! So check back!


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